Last week I gave you a few ideas of gifts for your bridesmaids so today it is the turn of the boys! They aren't always the easiest are they (!) but I am hoping that this post will give you some options to consider. Let's dive right on in to it...(all the bits featured are linked below)


One > Personalised Print by Wordplay Design UK (via Etsy) from £32
For a bit of a lasting memory, something like this print by Wordplay Design UK would be perfect (especially for a Best Man). I love the idea of personalising it with some of the best/funniest memories of a friendship and having it remind you of those times whenever you see it! Something like this can be easily hung up on the wall of a man-cave can't it?!

Two > Personalised Blended Scotch Whisky by Loch Fyne Whiskies (via Not on the Highstreet) £40
Whilst this offering is certainly not as long lasting as the one above, it would still make someone very happy I'm sure!

Three > Personalised Leather Loop Keyring by Create Gift Love (via Not on the Highstreet) £16
For a smaller budget, this leather keyring, which can be personalised if you so choose, is something that will act as the perfect little reminder of the importance of the ushers role in your wedding and how much they mean to you; plus it is super useful too!

Four > Personalised Plectrum by Naturally Bespoke (via Etsy) £10
Another budget friendly option, for the more musical boys out there, is this little plectrum! I actually got my husband a silver plectrum, engraved with the day we met on it, for our first Valentines Day ever and he just keeps it in his wallet; he loves it bless him, so it seems like a good option!

Five > The Book of Everyone (personalised) £23.95
I'd never heard of 'The Book of Everyone' before but as I looked into it I thought it would make a wonderful gift for a Best Man or very close friend. It delves into the year they were born and also allows you to personalise it too. I just think it shows thought and is something a little more unique too.

Six > Best Man Personalised Print by Just For You (via Not on the Highstreet) £25
I feel like this personalised print would suit a Best Man with a sense of humor (and maybe one who fancies himself as a big screen actor!).

Seven > Monogram Leather Belt by Suzy Q Designs (via Not on the Highstreet) £42
If you are looking for something a bit more special, that can be personalised but is not too 'in your face' then this stunning belt may be the thing you need. Let's face it, a good belt goes a long way and will last for a long old time too.

Eight > Rose Copper Tumbler Set by Oh So Cherished (via Not on the Highstreet) £42
I chose these tumblers because they look so beautiful and would make a gorgeous decorative set (with a functional use too), aren't they lovely?

I hope my picks gave you some ideas, be sure to let me know what you think in the comments too!


Thanks to websites such as Not on the Highstreet and Etsy, we are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to buying little gifts for our girlies to say 'thanks for being my bridesmaid'. Today I wanted to pull together a few ideas just to help you out (because you have a lot on your planning plate right?!); these gifts vary in price and there is something for everyone! Let me know in the comments which is your favourite! (Find all the links below!).


One > Zodiac constellation necklace, by Olive Bella Jewelry $41
I adore these pretty little necklaces, aren't they cute? I am a sucker for anything stars/zodiac related, so I would love to receive this as a gift, and the fact that you can get it personalised makes it extra special.

Two > Wood Sage and Sea Salt candle, from Jo Malone £45
I know this is one very expensive candle, but if you are looking for something long-lasting and absolutely luxurious, then this is for you. Personally I have never had one, but I know people who swear that these candles are the best, so you are pretty much guaranteed they would be appreciated!

Three > Personalised painting, from Leaf Lane Studio (yep, me!) from £25
Okay, so I realise the picture shows an engagement painting, but it is just an example of the personalised messages that I offer (because you can have whatever you desire of course!). I am in the process of putting together a tab for my website all about this service, but in the mean time just pop an email to and we can sort everything out that way! Having a painting created for someone is such a unique gift and will be something they will always keep and treasure; it is a lovely way of showing that you really took some time to consider them.

Four > Personalised Ring Dish, by Kate Charlton Ceramics (via Not on the Highstreet) £17.50
A slightly more budget-friendly gift option and certainly something that would be used and would look so pretty in any room. I have a 'thing' about little bowls and dishes for jewelry, they are so handy!

Five > Starburst Necklace, by Dose of Rose (via Not on the Highstreet) £25
How cute is this necklace? If you want something delicate and not personalised then this may be for you. It is elegant and pretty without being too 'in your face' and so would suit so many people, I love this one.

Six > Leather Journal, by The Rustic Dish (via Not on the Highstreet) £25
It's kind of a given that I love all things stationery and, let's be honest, can anyone ever have too many notebooks? No, I don't think they can! The bonus to this one is that you can have it personalised if you want, making it a little more special!

Seven > Infinity Knot Bangle, by Junk Jewels (via Not on the Highstreet) £15
Another very cute, simple gift that will suit so many and, although it isn't personalised, your bridesmaid will have a constant reminder of being there when you tied the knot every time they look at it. It comes beautifully and thoughtfully packaged too!

Eight > Personalised Cosmetics Bag, by The Personal Wedding Co (via Etsy) from £9.00
Another lower budget option which is still super cute and useful! Buying from small business means you get more unique gifts and talk to the makers to ensure you get what you want. Etsy is a fab place to search for something different. 

Nine > Personalised Heart Plaque, by Shop Paper Bee (via Etsy) £6.49
This gorgeous little Etsy shop offers lots of variety of personalised plaques, from births to engagements to weddings and more, head over to check it out. I think these affordable little hearts would also make a lovely name tag or decoration on a bigger present.

Ten > Personalised Mug, by Little Cherub Design (via Not on the Highstreet) £15
Much like notebooks, you can never have too many mugs! I love the mug I have with my initial on it, it's my favourite, so this little gift would be a winner on every level (even better if it came with a packet of biscuits!).

I hope you found this helpful, next week I will be talking about gifts for the best man / ushers, so be sure to come back for that!