Welcome back guys (happy Friday!), today I am looking at the top picks of long-sleeve wedding dresses on the high-street for under £250! Budget wedding dresses are the theme of this weeks post so be sure to check out the other wedding dresses I have featured this week. 

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I think that this particular selection of wedding dresses are my absolute favourite; I guess they are just a bit more 'up my street', so much so that I struggle to pick my 'number one' from the bunch!

The first dress is so very pretty and has such a gorgeous 'v' shaped back to it too, I love it! It is the 'Rosaline' maxi dress and is available from Debenhams for under £100! It is a very similar shape to my dress in that it comes in at the waist/just above the waist (height dependent of course!) and flows out beautifully down to the floor, which worked nicely for hiding my tummy! If budget is a mega issue for you then I think you may like this one. 

Dress two is another Debenhams dress, the 'Eleanor', and is very similar to the first but has the added details of lace overlay and a few more special details. Because of the added details you obvious will find the price to be a little higher, but at £220 I think this is a stunning dress for the money; it's so pretty and elegant don't you think?

This next dress (no: 3) is the lowest priced dress of the entire series. At just £64, this gorgeous Vero Moda (at ASOS) dress has a full lace detail and a dip hem, I love the simplicity of the shape of this dress and for the price I think it really is wonderful.

Dress four is yet another Debenhams wedding piece (honestly, their dresses are so beautiful guys); this dress is called 'Joy' and is an ivory v-neck, highly embellished wedding dress. It is stunning and, in my humble opinion would look wonderful at a Christmas wedding but equally is good at any other of course! 

The very last dress (no: 5) is slightly more unusual but I thought it was super cute! It is from ASOS and priced at £150. These dresses are great if you want to show off a little of your beautiful body but still maintain some dignity! What do you think?

That is it for this weeks budget wedding dress series! There really are some fab dresses on the high-street and, quite honestly, if you can push the budget up by a little more then £250 then you have so many more to choose from. Have a good look and order things you wouldn't normally think would suit you, trust me, you will often be surprised by what a dress actually looks like on you and may find something much prettier and more suited to you then what you thought your dream dress would be!

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