To celebrate the life of Robert Burns (born 25th Jan 1759) I thought I would offer you guys one of my favourite Burns quotes as a free A4 printable! I created this especially to celebrate Burns Night so hope you like it! To get yours just click right here*.

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*Scroll down for tips on getting the most out of your printable artwork.


My artwork is designed to print on a standard home printer, with A4 paper or card. It is also a standard size for affordable frames that can be purchased easily in supermarkets or other local stores, so getting it on your walls should be easy!

It goes without saying that the better your printer, the higher quality your artwork will print but if, like me, you have a very standard printer, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure you get the best results possible.

:: Where possible try to use a good quality printer paper or card stock, which often results in a richer colour print.
:: Depending on the printer you have you may be able to go to 'advanced settings' and set the print to 'high quality'; just remember that this will use more of your ink then a standard print.
:: If the print doesn't come out at A4, check your settings are on 'print actual size' as some printers resize automatically before printing, more often than not this happens with PDF files.
:: Finally, when the image prints out it may, depending on the paper, appear a little rippled; if this happens just leave it on a flat surface to fully dry and then, if required, you could place it under a stack of heavy books to flatten out before placing it in a frame.

Enjoy your new art!