To celebrate the life of Robert Burns (born 25th Jan 1759) I thought I would offer you guys one of my favourite Burns quotes as a free A4 printable! I created this especially to celebrate Burns Night so hope you like it! To get yours just click right here*.

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*Scroll down for tips on getting the most out of your printable artwork.


My artwork is designed to print on a standard home printer, with A4 paper or card. It is also a standard size for affordable frames that can be purchased easily in supermarkets or other local stores, so getting it on your walls should be easy!

It goes without saying that the better your printer, the higher quality your artwork will print but if, like me, you have a very standard printer, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure you get the best results possible.

:: Where possible try to use a good quality printer paper or card stock, which often results in a richer colour print.
:: Depending on the printer you have you may be able to go to 'advanced settings' and set the print to 'high quality'; just remember that this will use more of your ink then a standard print.
:: If the print doesn't come out at A4, check your settings are on 'print actual size' as some printers resize automatically before printing, more often than not this happens with PDF files.
:: Finally, when the image prints out it may, depending on the paper, appear a little rippled; if this happens just leave it on a flat surface to fully dry and then, if required, you could place it under a stack of heavy books to flatten out before placing it in a frame.

Enjoy your new art!


A. A. Milne, what an amazing man he was and what a cute little bear he created! Whenever I am on the hunt for a cute or thought-provoking quote I am almost guaranteed to find something I love by Pooh or his friends! Okay, so I know Pooh didn't actually write the words, but... you know!

In honor of it being A. A. Milne's birthday today I thought I would do my own take on one of Winnie the Pooh's famous little illustrations and quotes (it is one of my favourites too!). For more of my favourite quotes keep scrolling down!


If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.

It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?

Promise me you'll never forget me because if I thought you would, I'd never leave.

Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

...and my favourite... Let's start by taking a smallish nap or two.

What is your favourite A. A. Milne quote? Let me know in the comments (personally I find it impossible to choose just one!).


Guest books are a lovely keep sake for any newly married couple; it is something to look at over many years to come and remember your special day and all the friends, family and loved ones that were there to share it with you. As lovely as a traditional, beautifully bound guestbook is, why not consider something that can be displayed in your home for years to come, something that stands the test of time and is able to be viewed by your children or family and friends when they come to visit!


:: Left - 'Guest book' Whimsical Wonderland Weddings / Right - Polaroids from Fab Mood ::

Why not set up a Polaroid camera, some pens and somewhere to hang the final photos and let your guests get creative with props or a pretty backgrounds and then peg up their photos on a frame or some string. Even if you end up placing the photos in an album after the big day, you can always leave it on your coffee table as a reminder of the fun your guests had leaving you some (probably slightly tipsy) memories! 


:: Left - Mr & Mrs Jar Amy's Craft Emporium, Etsy / Right - Wedding Ideas Huffington Post ::

I really love this idea and it would be so easy to create at very little expense! All you need is a jar or large bottle, some pre-cut paper for your guests to write their notes to you, pens (of course) and a little sign to tell them what they need to do and maybe give them some ideas for what they could write, it could be anything! I have also seen couples do this with a large vase and pebbles that they have collected; all the guests write their messages onto the pebbles and then place the finished message into the vase.


:: Left - Globe Guest Book My Wedding (.com) / Right - Signed Globe Elegant Wedding Invites (.com) ::

Globes are becoming more popular as alternatives to wedding guest books now, especially for couples who love to travel or met when they were travelling. As someone who has a globe at home I really think that they would make a lovely object for any newlyweds to display. If budget wasn't an issue you could get a globe hand-painted prior to the wedding or select a special, vintage globe to create more of an impact. Maybe the moon and stars are more your thing? Why not have your guests sign a moon, such as this one from John Lewis (for National Geographic).


:: Left - Personalised Record Print Bird & Key NOTHS / Right - Build a Memory Ginger Ray NOTHS ::

Searching somewhere on-line, like Not on the High Street, will bring up hundreds of varying options for you to consider, from chalk board 'Mr & Mrs' signs (you could use a liquid white pen), jenga towers and wooden puzzles for your guests to sign to more personalised options, such as the record print above. There are so many clever people out there who can take all your hand-written messages and put them together in a way that will result in something you will cherish forever. 

Which do you prefer, I would love to know!


If you are a Pinterest fan, and are currently seeking a few wedding cake ideas, then you will know that typing in 'wedding cake' will bring up an overwhelming amount of options; very delicious options nonetheless, but hundreds upon hundreds of different styles and designs.

Today I thought I would break down some of the main categories for you, to help you see what you may like the look of, then you can simply pop back over to Pinterest and search with a more specific design in mind!

Let's start with the greenery trend...



:: Left - Cake by Edible Essence Cake Art / Top right - Cake by Wedding Sparrow / Bottom right - Cake by Wedding Sparrow ::

The greenery trend is one of my personal favourites as I really think it fits into many wedding styles. If all your other styling is quite simple though, one of these gorgeous cakes will be a stunning centre piece. They are simple, rustic and no fuss but equally elegant and stylish too.



:: Left - Cake by Jens Cakery / Top right - Cake by Amy Swann / Bottom right - Cake by Honeymoon Bakery ::

When it comes to florals they are always in style, and for good reason. They are super pretty and you can really pull a look together if you decided to bring in some of your bouquet blooms too. If fresh flowers aren't your thing then beautifully crafted sugar/iced flowers could be for you; the options are endless!



:: Left - Cake by Cake Ink / Top right - Cake by Cake Ink / Bottom right - Cake by Midnight Sun Cakery  ::

To me, these gorgeous, metallic cakes scream vintage glamour (and Christmas!). There are so many options when it comes to metallics, from rose gold and copper to silver and gold leaf; whatever you choose you are guaranteed that it will be a talking point. 



:: Left - Elizabeth Anne Designs / Top right - Style Me Pretty / Bottom right - Cake by Martha Stewart ::

Traditional cakes never go out of style but, if total white isn't for you, why not add a colourful bloom topper or touches of metallic to give it a slight edge whilst still nodding to tradition.



:: Left - Wedding Belles / Top right - Pinterest, but Original source unknown / Bottom right - Cake from Juniper Cakery ::

Vibrant, pretty and stunningly different, hand painted wedding cakes are simply gorgeous! Whether you want something more subtle, like watercolour-like washes or something far more intricate with detailed illustrations, there are so many talented cake designers out there!



:: Left - Cake by Cake Event Company / Top right - Wedding Sparrow / Bottom right - Cake by Amanda Lee ::

My favourite cake of all time is a good old Victoria sponge cake and these naked-style wedding cakes always remind me of that. A friend of mine, who got married a couple of years ago now, had a naked cake on her wedding day and it was one of the most wonderful cakes I had ever seen! It was covered in fresh berries and tasted delicious! 



:: Left - Cake by Crummb / Top right - Cake by Fatima Santos / Bottom right - Cake by Ivory and Stone ::

If you are looking for something modern and stylish with a twist of tradition a geometric design could be for you. I adore the touch of gold on the right two cakes but, equally, I like the single colour option too, with the etched details; it works beautifully with the floral piece on top.



:: Left - And So To Wed  / Top right - Holy Moley Doughnuts / Bottom right - You and Your Wedding  ::

When it comes to this option I am all over it! I mean, I would never be able to actually make a decision whether I wanted brownies, doughnuts or macaroons but, if we are going alternative, why not a layer of each?

Which of these options would be you favourite? 


September is here and, if you are planning an autumn/winter wedding, you are probably not quite feeling like looking at a winter colour palette just yet but, never fear, I have put together some ideas to help you consider what the pending festive season has to offer! Enjoy!



Image sources
:: Mulled wine / Cake / Dress / Menu (Leaf Lane Studio - Mulberry) / Flowers ::